Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why paint coating lines there are traces of the brush?

A bit disappointed if the painting is not perfect. When you've been hoping to get perfect results apply. But Why paint coating lines there are traces of the brush?. It is often the case of damage of paint as there are lines used a brush that makes us annoyed and finally we blamed the quality of the paint we buy.

There are several factors that cause these problems arise.
Brush marks (traces of the brush) paint is not caused by the flow of time are mounted, not properly route the techniques in painting, the uneven thickness, less dilution or brush running when a layer of paint began to dry up and Using a dirty brush or brush feathers have been spinning.

How to prevent it?

1.   Perform an appropriate dilution and correct.
2.   Do not be superimposed on a layer of paint which begin to dry out.
3.   Use the brush are clean and of good quality.

If it is already happening brush marks then you need to make improvements to the search as follows:

1.    Brush a layer of paint with sandpaper after the paint dries.
2.    Do apply the then clean.

So you are not disappointed at a later date should you make the process of painting with proper technique.

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