Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautify The Walls With Patterned Tile

Another solution is to use the walls to beautify patterned tiles. In addition to easy to clean and waterproof, wall tiles look more classy.

Patterned tiles for wall mosaic design evolved after the appearance of the tile pieces. Now emerging flora patterned wall tiles, wood, or other forms such as drawing, circles, squares and spots.

Although called a tile wall, you can apply it as well as floor coverings. The author is the same, there are ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, glass, or metal.

Tiles for walls mean square, measuring 10cm or 15cm. However, that can be applied also for floor coverings generally sized 30cmx30cm or 40cmx40cm.

To install the tile on the wall, we recommend using adhesive. Flatten 3mm thick adhesive on the wall, and then attach the tiles in order from bottom to top so that a stronger glue, brush a thin adhesive behind the tiles. Use a barrier between the tiles in order to get the same great.

Maintenance is not much different wall tiles with tile floors. Just clean regularly with a damp cloth. If the base material tile wall made of natural stone, you should use a coating for ease of maintenance.


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  2. During the time of tile installation there are various aspects which should be on mind. After tiles are installed in the home it enhances its beauty. So be careful on natural stone tile installation and take the help of professionals.


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