Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kitchen design With the color green and Find A Quiet!!!

The presence of the young green color impression can display a kitchen full of serenity, balance, and create confidence. This can you combine color with white color to a cooking activity feels cleaner.

Green is the color of nature that are able to bring a sense of relaxation when applied to space the kitchen. In doing this cold color cooking activities suitable because looks refreshing. And you can perform the cooking well. Beside the green color is suitable for traditional and modern kitchen design.

Blend with the colors white and light green color is perfect at apply. For the main color of the room, we recommend that you use the color white and Wraps on the floor to all parts of the walls and the plafond.

The white color will make your kitchen look clean and healthy. Besides white color is a color base so he could freely and of your kitchen looks more spacious.

For furniture the color green is more suitable for easy to implement.  Apply colors like this in the cooking area in kitchen sets, cabinets either up or down. Pair with white table top color of granite materials for kitchens look more clean and modern. You can also do the other room filler with a combination of light green and white.

In order to feel more freshness increases, you may add a green plant in a small place in a pot in the corner of the room. To create the impression of luxury and elegance and pairs of beige carpet. Congratulations to design your kitchen!

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