Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tips on choosing a carport roof

Because of its location at the front, so that the carport is not directly a part of the facade of a dwelling which contributed to the overall beauty of the exterior. The form of an open carport and has a cover / canopy.

Carport design generally consists of the floors, walls, and roof retaining structures, and roof coverings. Well, to cover the roof, this section serves to protect not only vehicles. But also an element that can make the carport looks good. Therefore, the roof will be used as a cover should be adjusted with the concept that seemed in harmony.

Carport roof has a variety of roof types such as mild steel, concrete, polycarbonate, or threatened. However, before you choose a roof for the carport, there are some things you should consider such as:
-If the area carport / garage requires illumination from the sun, then a transparent roof coverings to choose from. Light translucent material include polycarbonate, glass or acrylic. The selection of these materials require cleaning up, for the sake of an aesthetic

  • For a relatively hot area, the selection should use a solid roof cover. Suppose tiles and concrete, of course with a strong supporting material. This election will avoid the increased heat in area carport.
  • Note the slope of the roof covering. The roof is where the rain, so be sure water does not stop or clogged due to the slope of the roof that is not appropriate. This will result in leaks, and damage to your favorite car.
  • Carport in front of the house lies the beauty and aesthetic demands of the carport itself. The selection of polycarbonate, glass and acrylic that has a modern character might be interesting.


  1. Thanks for these tips. They’re very helpful. I agree that in building a carport, it’s better that you choose the best material that can withstand against any weather. A good structured carport will definitely protect the owner’s car from leaks and damage.

    Sherril Frost

  2. The sole function of a carport is to protect the car under it. Of course for it to be strong, it needs a good foundation and the right materials for it to last long, and with the tips you gave us, for sure it wouldn't be that hard to spot the right material in building a carport.

  3. These sorts of things can really make a big impact on the look of your home. I after looking at carport designs I purchased the one I felt best fit the feel of what I was going for with my home. I really have been happy with that choice


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