Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips Paint in order to obtain maximum results.

To create a beautiful impression on an interior wall is one step in the give a layer of paint. You can decorate your walls with free expression colors you like for different paint colors available.

to apply the paint on the walls of your House or more cannot be done with it. There are rules you must follow when repainting the walls of the interior to get maximum results.

What are the tips paint in order to obtain maximum results?

  • First do the preparation of the surface, the preparation will make the work more quickly and easily apply, providing the best end results, and a layer of paint so more durable.
  •  See the surface of the wall and see if there is moisture in the wall? You can check with water level gauges. Moisture content must be below the 18 percent.
  • To paint the walls of the old one, if it looks good still latched onto the power of paint, we recommend that you only wash the surface with clean water.
  • In discharging the cat don't overdo it because it can eliminate basic paint function. Paint consumption according to the instructions that are printed on the packaging.
  • The last tip, before doing the painting, the preparation of the surface must have been perfect. We recommend that you first apply priming and applying the paint finish. Next you can give the final paint layers as much as 2 layers for maximum results.
Something very important to paint correctly in addition to satisfying result seta maximum also avoid problems later, for example, a layer of paint peeling paint or having bulging/blistering.

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