Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blue and Gray for your living room

The color combination of blue with gray color.  The living room will be open and have been impressed that comfortable atmosphere you can get through the game colors in interior design.

Both colors will make your living room look cool and fresh. With the blue color bring up the nuances that relaxed while gray gave the impression of a room as well as the peace so that peaceful residents can feel relaxed when they was in it.

To evoke the impression of fresh on living room you should select the gradations of blue sky. to apply to all elements of the wall and plafond you can use with the blue color. In addition to make the room seem airy blue color also gives the feel of tranquility.

For frames-frames, Windows and doors you can also apply to the color blue. Or if you want a brighter impression, you can replace with the white color.

For the filler elements such as rooms with furniture is hand-a set of complete sofa cushions were color grey to better fit is applied. The color is going to create a cool atmosphere and look on the modern living room.

Try to apply for the design of the living room in your home with the combination of blue and grey that make you comfortable. Good Luck!!!

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