Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips for selecting a color in the living room to make it more comfortable when Relaxing

In setting up a family room that need to be noticed is the determination of the theme, the use of furniture and accessories in the room, and most importantly the color selection. In the choose color we recommend that you choose colors that match the concept of the room.

For example, living room with a relaxing, comfortable and fresh, apply different color that has an effect like a light green, purple, and blue. Of these three colors that give the impression that emitted to apply in your living room.


Especially the color blue Looks fresher and cleaner when combined with the color white. In addition to a blend of the two color are capable of presenting classic impression in your living room. Can apply on the sofa, table and lamp appear blend with the wall color. A touch of dark brown carpeting and plain grey on the floor makes the room is not too cold and stiff.

Light Green

Light green is the color of the soft, able to create a feeling of comfort and relax if applied to living rooms. Color beige on the floor and white on the plafond fit in tabulated. Thus you will find an impression of harmony and in tune. You can come up with a refreshing via the accent furniture sofa. Choose sofa motif line green-white or it could be through painting with pastel green background on the wall.  

The color purple is the color that could give rise to the impression of a calm however, purple closer to silence. But, for the design of the living room you can try selecting colors purple firmer and brave because Purple is able to bring freshness and vigor. To create an atmosphere of family room more warm, give a touch of color-color of the wood in furniture that is used so that the room is not impressed and dark.

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