Sunday, November 20, 2011

Select the type of materials to Design your Fence

Currently, the fence is a very important part in a dwelling. In addition to the house functioned as a barrier, the fence was also present to add aesthetic value of the house so that its beauty is important for you to consider when going to make a fence.

In making the fence, the main thing you should notice is the selection of the type of material you will use. Well, for those of you who intend to make the fence, here we present some of the ingredients / materials are generally chosen to design the fence such as:

Concrete, concrete is strong and solid can be used as an alternative to make your fence wall. Although it sounded massive and rigid, but the fence with this material can be durable and lasting for a long time.

Wood, wood properties are easily formed and easily available can be modified into a unique gate. But with wood fence must be considered because it is easy dull due to changes in the weather so you should mensiasatinya by giving a special paint coating for wood paint brands such as Brillo.

Natural stone, natural stone can also be used as fencing material to showcase the natural impression. But you should pay attention and clean it frequently because of natural stone easy to mold and moss. Or to avoid this, you can use special paint to natural stone such as paint Arca Stone Care.

Bamboo, to bring natural atmosphere in the house exterior, bamboo can be used as a fence. Bamboo readily available and relatively cheap. The shape and appearance can be unique as you wish and our creativity in designing. Bamboo also has shortcomings, which we have to frequently replace and fix it because it is not solid.

Brick, with exposed brick, then the fence could be more natural appearance. Do not forget to put a layer of paint that cannot easily weathered and overgrown with moss. Metals, a metal widely used as a fence material because it has advantages such as long-lasting, strong, not easily dull, and easily set up with a design as you wish.

Make sure you choose fencing material in accordance with the theme of the house so it looks unimpressed collide.


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  3. (due to the API as I understand it) but can definitely help. The image below shows how one might add a Material name (LHB Maple in this example) to several vinyl fence


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