Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bathroom Design Inspiration

In order for self-cleaning activities more fun, a bathroom should be made with a comfortable design and just as with other parts of the house such as living room, family room, or bedroom.

All elements of the bathroom from the materials used, the choice of accessories, until the color is applied you should look to create the impression of a beautiful bathroom as well as comfortable. Here are 3 Bathroom Design that you can make inspiration for designing a bathroom.

Classic Style Bathroom

Your bathroom will look elegant with a classic design. Classic feel to the bathroom can be created by using a golden color. So that the room looks different, try to apply different decorative motifs on the walls such as alloy style stripes and flowers. To beautify the look of the bathroom, displaying knick-penik such as vases and small pots you can also do.

Natural bathroom

Bathroom with natural impression would look exotic. You can use the natural style to decorate the bathroom by applying dark colors that can be obtained from the application of natural stone on the wall or floor. Or you can try to play the art of ceramics to the bathroom all the elements naturally raises a thick atmosphere.

Nuance Bathroom Freshness

Fresh atmosphere can you take it to the bathroom to apply the colors that have a soothing effect as green and blue. Or by presenting green plants are also able to make the bathroom feel fresh and more closely with nature. You can put just one plant in a pot into the bathroom for example, anthurium, aglaonema, or ferns.

Well, you can select the design of the bathroom which would you employ to decorate your bathroom at home.

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