Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Refreshing in minimalist kitchen using a combination of white and light green

Minimalist house it is becoming a trend now, one of the most important aspect is the interior. In the interior design is minimalist, usually prefer the functionality of the interior. Thus, the benefits obtained in full space.

Minimalist interior style is an architectural art that appear simple, effective style. The design is characterized by the use of a few ornaments and clean, geometric lines to create a sleek appearance. Minimalist interior design can be a good option to apply to homes that have a limited size.

In terms of colors, minimalist interior is generally designed using a combination of colors such as white and light green that looks simple and clean. However, as the development, the current minimalist design does not just focus on the colors. Colors are applied even more diverse. For example, by applying a blend of bright colors so the interior seem more attractive and give a nice touch.

With inserts a bright light green color accents on the wall in the cooking area to make the kitchen look more and fresh. A touch of fresh accents that also liven things up. Green splashes raises morale and comfort for you during the move in it. Kitchen look more beautiful.

Support the theme minimalist kitchen in your home by choosing simple furniture such as kitchen sets, square table of glass, and chairs that appear clean. So also for kitchen furniture should select simple or can be of stainless steel material. Thus, the kitchen will look more modern.

Bright green color could be a refreshing accent color on one wall of the combined light green color on the other side of the wall to bring a modern feel. Well, minimalist kitchen concept can be strengthened through the use of your furniture design boxes clean, simple, yet elegant. For example, through the presence of kitchen sets, cabinets, shelves, and desks. For the flooring, you can use the type floor tiles with gray color.

Putting plants in tiny pots on display racks in the kitchen also could not hurt to give the impression of a beautiful minimalist kitchen, refreshing, and raise mood.

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  1. The color combination is great. I like this post. Keep it up!


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