Thursday, November 3, 2011

Know the effect of color to your home interior

The most important parts of a building is not only just but the color of the form is also the main element that must be considered when designing a House because of the color is able to bring up the meaning and effect of its own for its inhabitants.

Therefore, please be careful consideration in determining the color of the House. If you select a color to the room you can make the whole family members feel uncomfortable while indoors.
The color applied to the interior of the House usually depends on the character of its owner. If you are the kind of person who is cheerful and full of spirit, try to apply bright colors and bold to your room. On the contrary, for those of you who love the atmosphere of peace, choose the colors that have the nature of the report for the design of your room.
Each different color will emit different psychological effects to the eyes that see it. For Example:

• Blue, being able to bring up a soothing effect and peace.
• Maroon ,full of passion, energy, aggressive, and bold.
• Yellow, the color which has the effect of a warm, happy, and fun.
• Orange, bright, serious, healthy.
• Green, natural, harmonious and soothing.
• White, the color that symbolizes purity, pure, harmonious, calm, and clean.
• Black, have the effect of dark, masculine, and nuanced grief.

Color effects are not only seen from the psychology course but also in terms of cultural and social politics. Meaning of colors in a region will be different from other areas.

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